Monday, January 10, 2011

Why Hope?

A friend asked the other day why is the New Year is so full of HOPE when circumstances for most have not changed? I've thought about that for a while now. I think I understand, at least from a Christian leadership perspective.

HOPE is the catalyst for changing circumstances. It's a starting point. It's a beginning. HOPE gives us the ability to look past the frustrations we may find ourselves immersed in. We all want frustrations to end. We all want to see perseverance. The problem is HOPE, at face value, is not enough. It's a power chord that needs to an outlet.

HOPE begins as a dream or a vision of what could be. Dreams and visions are not meant to stay in your head. They will never be achieved if they stay in your head. HOPE must be grounded in active FAITH. FAITH requires action on our part. Maybe another way to say it is FAITH is HOPE lived out. HOPE must be grounded in thought out BELIEF. How can I achieve "X"...well I need to do "A" and "B"...and probably need to do "C" and "D" as well. I was once told, if you believe it, you can achieve it. While that is a little "pie-in-the-sky", the truth is every HOPE needs a plan, which means it is achievable, maybe not easy, but achievable.

Take your HOPE and live it to the full, share it with others without reserve and know that it can be done.

all about Christ,

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