Thursday, April 7, 2011

How Ya Feeling?

I'm sitting in the doctors office right now. Waiting. Thankfully, I'm not sick. The reason I'm here is for a check up.

I began thinking about how we fool ourselves. I'm ok on the outside, so everything must be okay on the inside. Then you hear things like high blood pressure, high sugar, cancer. You say, not me, I'm healthy. It's a medical denial. Chances are you have seen it too.

There is a temptation in Christianity to do the same. Look at the outside only. At church you are all smiles and you look like nothing ever goes wrong. Someone says how are you? You say fine or maybe something like too blessed to be depressed! We both know the truth though. Life isn't perfect. Are you blessed? Yes. Should we complain? Probably not. But a lie? I hope not!

The truth is things have gotten out of sync. Our Spiritual blood pressure is out of whack. We are struggling with a spiritual cancer we haven't addressed yet. Why? The sooner you address it, the higher the survival rate, the more effective the treatment will be.

If it is important that we not skip our check ups and physical examines, it is more important that we not forgo doing a spiritual checkup. Maybe instead of opening up our mouth and saying "ah" so much, we need to open up the scriptures and say "oh".

all about Christ,


  1. So important to maintain a quiet time for our spiritual health. Over and over again I think things are going the way they should be, and boom, God hits me over the head with something I've been ignoring/neglecting.

    But it isn't easy. Just like with a real doctor, I hate scheduling the visit. I try to avoid the doctor as much as possible, even though I know it's good for me. Just like spending time with God. Sometimes when I know he's going to convict me about something I neglect my time with him.

    Great post, David. Good thoughts.

  2. I have been preaching through various spiritual disciplines this Lent (we are calling it Lent in Reverse and instead of giving something up, we are taking something on each week). This week is Scripture Memorization. This is a discipline that has really been fighting with me. It is SO important. I found a great post on how to memorize Philippians using a Moleskine. Gonna have to try that method.

    The sad thing is when we can quote songs, movies, books and TV, but can't quote the scriptures!

    Thanks for responding Seth.