Thursday, August 30, 2012

Moving Past Lewis

One of my favorite Christian authors is C.S. Lewis. His apologetics are, in my opinion, life changing. I have read Mere Christianity several times and cannot tell you how much The Screwtape Letters impacted my developing faith in college and beyond. Whenever I contemplate the workings of temptation, I remember the correspondence of Wormwood and Screwtape. As a kid, I loved The Chronicles of Narnia and checked them out from our church library every summer. A thing to note in regards to the often quoted and referenced Lewis, the world has changed. For me, Lewis's apologetic typically speaks to those who struggle with the existence of God because of the problem of evil or suffering. Today, I believe many non-believers come from a desire for personal or experienced "logic" and "philosophy". It has nothing to do with God. While I hear people still say how can God be real if there is so much evil in the world, I more commonly hear quotes or restatements of men like Dawkins and Hutchins. Their disbelief in God is not from the problem of evil in the world, but rather from their belief in the superiority of man.

The voice of the world has changed and if the message of Christ is to remain relevant and impactful, we must listen and answer the questions and accusations leveled today, not yesterday. Let me encourage you to read and study and listen...even if you don't agree. If I may recommend a few resources check out Stand to Reason and apologist Ravi Zacharis. And while you are at it, NEVER skip a chance to read and reread C.S. Lewis!

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