Thursday, March 10, 2011


There is so much noise in our lives many people and items begging us to listen and gain our attention.

Cell phones don't leave our reach...we talk, text, surf and even video chat.

Facebook "friends" tell us the status of everyone we know and some tell everything they do. Oh, you're doing laundry, thanks for the update.

Blogs we listen to opinions, strategies, gazing at peoples lives and hearing their views...

Twitter we listen to people we will never meet yet we must follow...

Advertisers scream to get our attention through billboards, ads, mailers and commercials...

Books speak to us quietly to train, teach and sometimes even change us.

These are all great things to listen to, but they may crowd out the most important voice. God's voice. Don't get so busy listening to the noise that you miss the voice.  


    1. Reading this on my cell phone...

    2. Excellent insight Brian! Listening to God is a battle we must stay strong for everyday. For it's out of hearing God we know what to do in ministry.

    3. So true Scott, it's an everyday battle..thanks