Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Your Movie Watching Has Been Adjusted

Really looking forward to seeing the movie "The Adjustment Bureau" for a few reasons... I think Matt Damon is great actor, he's really moving into being one of Hollywood's elite actors. Secondly, it looks like a great way to bring up some theology and truth into conversation and everyday life...Check out the taglines from the movie...
  • Fight For Your Fate.
  • Your Fate Has Been Adjusted.
  • Your Future Has Been Adjusted.
  • Your World Has Been Adjusted.
Predestination vs. Free Will...Classic argument, one that people love to debate and talk about.  I'm not sure to which side the movie leans, but I know it will spark talk about God, His will and His plans. 

Movies in some sense are modern day pulpits...people gather together, to listen, engage and are told a worldview. Granted most of the time it's not a Biblical worldview, but let's redeem the screen to see truth in it, leveraging it for the Kingdom. 

Your Movie Watching Has Just Been Adjusted.  


  1. Great concept... Movies are teaching a message, it's up to us to determine what the message is and find the Gospel in there somewhere. Most movies include some elements of the Gospel, whether the movie is "Christian" or not.

  2. Seth, one of my favorite "theological discussion" movies is the Matrix (well the whole trilogy really). The reason is the movie is a mix of so many theological views that it really allows for a broad base of discussion. Jung/Freud/Christianity/Buddhism and so on are all blatantly in those movies. Like Brian, I can't wait to see this movie. Have you seen it yet?