Monday, January 2, 2012

The first iPhone and your dreams, goals, and vision

I read an interesting post on Mashable this weekend that really got me thinking about big goals and vision as 2012 rolls around. The picture to the right and below are pictures of the very first Apple iPhone prototype in 1983, yes that's correct 1983. I find it amazing that the first iPhone, as we know it, was not unveiled by Steve Jobs until January 9, 2007. 

24 years...1983 to 2007...24 years...just shy of a quarter century. 

I know 2012 just began and maybe you didn't get everything done in 2011 you wanted to. Maybe your dreams and goals didn't happen, maybe they didn't materailize, so what...keep working on it, keep praying about it, keep fighting for it. Apple and Jobs continued to tweak, work, produce and dream and now there have been 5 versions/updates of the iPhone and on March 2, 2011, at the iPad 2 event Apple announced that they have sold 100 million iPhones worldwide. 

Big goals, dreams and vision sometime takes time, don't quit. 


  1. this reminds me of the 25 years that Abraham waited in between the promise of a son and the birth of Issac. God adds pause to our lives to emphasize that He is working in them.

  2. very true DJ...I've seen the "pause" a few times in my life not 25yrs long, yet...but a few years of pause definitely. One of the great things about getting older(I'm 36)is looking back and see God work, even in the pauses.