Sunday, January 8, 2012

For God so Loved Tebow

I will probably make some of you a bit upset with this post. My Facebook post inspired a huge discussion. It comes down to this. Tim Tebow. The man is amazing. He is on fire for God (just watch him). He is a humble man (just listen to him). He is putting up great stats (wins at the very least) and is getting the job done, regardless of how he throws a ball (seriously, it's ugly)! He is concerned about social justice issues and winning games. And there is no doubt in anyone's mind that he loves Jesus (this is the way it should be for all Christians by the way). Tim Tebow takes all the press with so much grace and dignity. But there is a problem. He has become an icon, an image, an idol.

  • Did you know Tim Tebow rode into Denver on the back of a donkey?
  • He once touched a pigskin and it came back to life!
  • He turned a pitcher of water into Gatorade.
  • His number is #15 because that's how many men it takes to tackle him.
  • He can dribble a football
  • He threw 316 yards, averaging 31.6 yards per throw, and getting a 31.6% viewer rating (whatever that is)...obviously God loves him and wanted him to win over the evil Steelers...(okay so I added the evil part because I am not a Steelers fan).

With all eyes on Tebow, he purposefully and appropriately redirects the attention to God...and so many Christians are enamored by this but they forgo Tebow's redirection and look to Tebow again. They tell their friends that God is giving Tebow wins. It's like the Bible Code. It makes me sad to hear things like this. Why? It's the Prosperity Gospel.

The Prosperity Gospel is a gross twisting of the scriptures. The way it works is like this: Love God and you will have all your dreams come true. Money? Yup...lots! to be 150! Want to win the Super Bowl...just watch Tim Tebow! While that is not how the Gospel works that is how so many have treated the Gospel in the midst of Tebow fever.

The Gospel does not promise us health or wealth or Super Bowl rings to pawn in our later years. Before you mishear me and start typing your angered response, the Gospel doesn't promise us heart ache either. God's goal is not our happiness or our sadness. God's goal is our holiness which is only accomplished through the blood of Jesus Christ.

When we say God is blessing Tebow, we start to sound an awful lot like Satan in the book of Job. I can just see God saying, have you considered my servant Tebow. There's no one else like him. And Satan says, that's because you bless him and give him wins. God says no, he is righteous and faithful. His wins have nothing to do with me or how he feels about me. Remove the wins and he will still bless me. Obviously I'm taking a few liberties here but I think the point is solid.

Now with all this said. I am pulling for Tebow. I lived in Florida during the Tebow years. I have always seen him as an upstanding Christian man, a solid player, and a model athlete. He's the complete package! I want him to win. I want, since the Bengals are out, the Broncos to go to the Super Bowl and surprise everyone. I would love to see him win. BUT I am afraid of the reaction of so many...Christians and non-Christians. OMT!

all about Christ,


  1. "God's goal is not our happiness or our sadness. God's goal is our holiness which is only accomplished through the blood of Jesus Christ."

    Fantastic quote and fantastic post.

  2. Thanks for reading and your encouragement Larry!

  3. seriously awesome stuff here. thanks for sharing the truth

  4. @bookpeg18 When I first saw your name, I thought it said in Tebow wears #15. Thanks for reading!

  5. Well it's like the late great Dale Earnhardt used to say, whether it be positive publicity or negative publicity it is still publicity. The best way to extinguish this "Tebow" worship is not to acknowledge it. Just let it be. Who knows, maybe this could be the next inspiring story??? God can use anyone for anything. He used you and me.

  6. For me, I'm not sure Paul. As a minister I live in the crossroads of physical community and Kingdom of God. When those two worlds are at odds or conflict in teaching the conversation has to be started. I'll always teach against false doctrine...such as Prosperity Gospel. It's the way God wired me.