Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Titanic Mistake...

I was hoping we let go of the Titanic, even though Jack whispered "I'll never let go." The Titanic has re-emerged and is back in theaters and in 3-D no less. I know many are excitied, (James Cameron's bank account, and all most every female) but for myself it reminds me of the first huge mistake I made in youth ministry, an iceberg I didn't see coming and had no idea was there.  

I was in my rookie year of youth ministry at a loving and encouraging church in the small town of Milford, KY serving as their weekend youth guy while attending Bible College. I decided it was time for a blockbuster outing for our group so we set sail in our 15 passenger old school Dodge church van (which was the size of a boat) into town. We docked the van and walked up to the ticket counter and each said these words, "One for Titanic"...from then on the night began to sink.

My mistake was this: discernment. I had not previewed the movie, my college friends, the press and the media gave it glowing reviews. I added the reviews to the amazing reports and the box office numbers to equal this must be a great movie. It was for a while, but much like the captain I was in uncharted waters, not previewing the movie myself. Queue the steamy window scene in the car, and then the scene that sunk me Jack Dawson sketching Rose in the nude. I did not feel like "the king of the world", I wanted to jump over board.

I learned a lot about discernment that night. I learned that as a captain of the ship, as the leader, I must know where the boat is heading and the dangers that may lurk in the waters. Discernment in life and leadership is so very important. Take it from me you're not unsinkable.


  1. Hey bro,
    I know the feeling all too well. In my first summer as a youth pastor I brought my kids to SITS. During one of the afternoon free times I took them to my apartment on campus to watch a movie which I let them choose as long as I approved it. They picked "Spaceballs" and it was rated PG so I thought I would be in the clear (it had been a long time since I had even seen it). This was not okay due to the language and innuendo(s) present. I found out later that the PG rating is because there was no PG-13 rating at the time the movie came out. I echo your thoughts, "Discernment in life and leadership is so very important." Keep up the good work my friend.

  2. Glad I'm not the only guy. Thanks, Cam...