Tuesday, February 21, 2012

From the Sidelines

In some ways my little brother (#21 above) is the athlete I always wanted to be. He's great at any sport he tries, I was good at playing instruments and video games (ask him about the time I beat him at Street Fighter 2...blindfolded). While I enjoyed and would never negate any of my band experiences, I still like to watch the sports I was so woefully inadequate to play. When it comes to sports, I do have a pet peeve.

This past weekend his team was in their final tournament for the season. The team they played against was tough. They could pass, rebound, and take a foul like it was nothing. I'm convinced one of the kids on the opposing team could sink threes all day if he was left open. But here's the rub - As I watched my brother's team get outplayed I heard people yelling from the stands. They were "coaching" the kids. These are middle schoolers...no college scholarships on the line and no NBA recruiters in the stands. Even Jeremy Lin wasn't there and that dude's everywhere right now!

While I won't repeat the things screamed from the stands, thoughts of how I wanted to respond kept coming to my head. Do something. Get in the game. Ok, I realize the fans can't jump into a middle school game to play, but we aren't just talking about a middle school game now. How many times have you been at work and heard individuals complain about this new rule or that new way of doing things? I'm sure you have NEVER heard anyone complain at church about what the church is doing or what was said or who is there.

To all the complainers, the stand coaches, those barking orders...your words are...well...not really helping. Get in the game! Instead of yelling at kids to pass, play some ball with a kid and show them how to pass. Instead of tearing down that new policy, seek to understand the whys and help enforce it by doing it. Don't just complain about the songs, youth, or sermon...pray for them and see how you can get involved.

Besides, no one in the stands gets a trophy, no matter how loud you are.

Finally, good season Josh, I'm proud of you.

all about Christ,

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