Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Lights


Sunday afternoon we set up our Christmas tree in the Buckham house. The boys were most definitely drawn to the lights. My youngest (3) couldn't keep from touching the little Christmas lights. My oldest (6) turning the Christmas tree lights on (I believe that he has claimed this as his job this year). I admit it, there is a certain beauty found in those Christmas lights, but that is true with all light.

Light draws us to it. We can't help but notice it. There is an instinct to explore light. The magi came from the East following a light, the star that was announcing the birth of Christ in Matthew 2:2, 9-10. The light didn't leave Christ after His birth. In John 8:12 Jesus said He is the light of the world. He draws us to Him, just like a light, and it doesn't stop there. Christ said in Matthew 5:14 we are the light of the world. Christ brings a message of hope and light to
what can be a pretty dark world. He asks us to share that same message of light.

This Christmas we will see lights time and again, we will be drawn to them. It is my hope that when we see these lights we will stop and THINK about the significance of the true light of Christmas.

Post some of your Christmas light "reflections" below...

all about Christ,

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