Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Black Friday I was trying to purchase a Kindle for a family member and as I did so it made me stop and think. 25 years from now or maybe even sooner does anyone carry a Bible to church? By Bible I mean the leather bound, name stamped, highlighted, chicken scratch notes in the margin and underlined different verses Bible.  
Newspapers are going electronic…Kindle and Apple are pointing people towards e-readers plus you have Bible apps…What happens to the Bible? No more rustling of pages flipping? Sword drills give way to the fastest operating system? I know YouVersion is an amazing app, and doing some amazing things, and is definitely I think were the future of people reading the Bible is going and maybe where it already is….but what about the “old school” Bible?
Post your thoughts, comments, and ideas below, I’d love to see them…


  1. And it keeps on growing. I guess you saw that Google now has it's eBookstore with over 3 million books.

    I used to have a little brown Franklin KJV/NIV handheld Bible (calculator styled font). It was not user friendly. These new devices are fast, user friendly and if you have the a smart phone or iPod touch...the apps are often free.

  2. As a Children's Minister, I realize that kids are going to use their ipods for their Bibles. But I still think its important to find the verse in the print Bible. There's something special about memorizing the books of the Bible and be able to find them in the print Bible. When you use the Bible app on your phone, you dont have to do that. So if we focus on using Bible apps, the kids have no clue how to actually find a verse in the Bible. Personally, I love to open up my Bible and read, I spend so much time on my phone, that its nice to actually read God's Word in print and be able to put my phone away for a little while. It helps me not be distracted! Plus you cant hand write notes on your phone, like you can with a book.
    P.S. I love that you guys are writing a blog together! Miss both of you guys :) -Tricia