Thursday, December 2, 2010


Following Brian's post yesterday

We should spur one another towards taking your Bible with you everywhere, especially to church (more on that in a moment). In college, I had a couple of off campus jobs that allowed for me to have some break time. I had an old pocket edition NASBu that I carried with me in my back pocket. I would pull it out and read and study if I had the opportunity while on break. I was never without it. I even found myself taking it to church along with my regular study Bible.

As a preaching minister, I wonder why people don't bring their Bibles to church, or if they do why they don't use it? In an effort to help thwart that trend, I ask that our main text not be displayed on the screen (ie. PowerPoint) because I want people to get into God's Word. I want them to know where books of the Bible are (love the sound of pages flipping...could YouVersion add that sound to their mobile apps please). I want their Bibles, your Bible, to be well worn. I was once told, "show me a Bible that is falling apart and I will show you a life that is not."

Ultimately, to me, it doesn't matter if someone is getting into a physical Bible or a digital Bible. God's Word is spiritual and it affects us on a spiritual level. I see good in having both physical and digital Bibles but I see more good in applying what is found inside God's Word.

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