Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pause and Reflect

I celebrated my birthday this week. Kind of a big one for me, as a Christian minister that is. I’m 33. For some that may not seem significant but it is an age that has me very contemplative. Just this past week we celebrated “Holy Week” and Sunday was Easter. Jesus was 33 at the time of His crucifixion. So, here I am, 33.

Jesus’ earthly ministry (from baptism to crucifixion) lasted 3 years. He changed the world by making an impact on those around Him. While I’m not Jesus, I do serve the same God. So here I am reflecting. What have I done for the Kingdom, what kind of impact have I made on those around me?

As I have begun to do this, I would ask you do the same. Reflect on your own life, just for a moment. In what ways have you made an impact on those around you?

all about Christ,


  1. That's a good question to ask ourselves regularly. I try to sit down at the beginning of each year and figure out how I'm going to accomplish something for the kingdom in the coming year... Good thoughts, thanks David

  2. It's a habit I have tried to maintain every year, usually in December just after Christmas but for some reason, this birthday really struck a chord with me. Thanks for commenting SethC