Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sick of the leadership hype?

Do you ever get sick of the leadership hype? Many times, I do.  All I hear, read and see is about leadership. How you must become a leader and develop your leadership skills. How you must be a leader, excel at leadership, read about leadership, and study other leaders and of course you must learn the 21 irrefutable laws of leadership and never break them. Everyone wants the fast track to being a leader.

Why isn't anyone teaching people how to follow well, or how to be a great follower? Nobody is talking about following, it's all about being a leader. Why is nobody training people how to be good followers? What are the 21 irrefutable laws of being a follower? The only following we want to learn is how to get more followers on Twitter.

Current books on Amazon under "leadership": 67,194
Current books on Amazon under "following": 10,952

Jesus first words to the disciples..."Follow me"...Why? So one day they they could lead.

Maybe you need to step off the leadership fast track, stopping listening to the leadership podcasts, quit memorizing the 21 laws and and learn to follow. .


  1. Nicely said LaRue. I have that same thought for many years.

  2. Thanks Drizike...Hope your doing well, saw on FB you are maybe looking for a new job, praying for you my friend.

  3. I learned the most about leadership volunteering with Power Ministries as a teen. Watching the Executive Director of the organization change adult diapers, spoon feed people, and clean up body fluids really showed me christlike servant leadership.

  4. I'd totally agree... It's kinda funny that when you focus on following the right people, you learn a little bit about leadership along the way. Great post!