Friday, February 11, 2011

It's not just for you...

Ever wonder why are you so creative, why you got the creative gift from God? Obviously it's so you can innovate and create, right? Or maybe your finances are surprisingly strong in this weak economy, you excel in money manners, you've always been blessed to be an entrepreneur.  Possibly you have the leadership gift and people just seem to follow you and believe in your vision.

Why? Why does God give us these gifts, these blessings? We know to advance and help us, right?  But you need to realize this...It's not just for you

God tells Abraham in Genesis 12:2 " I will bless you...and you will be a blessing." God blesses, then we bless others. We are blessed to be a blessing to others...

Your not just for you.
Your finances, your not just for you.
The leadership God has blessed you not just for you.

What has God blessed you with that you can blessed other with? 

You are blessed to be a blessing to others...

If you want to be challenged more regarding this topic I recommend a book my friend Andy Martin gifted to me on missions and subject...Unveiled at Last by Bob Sjogren

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  1. in sunday school I learned that if I didn't use my talents for saving souls that God would take those talents away and give them to good christians that save souls. this is why i am talentless at the moment.