Monday, February 28, 2011

Throwing Digital Stones

We all believe something. We have convictions about other things. But
there is a sad truth in all these; some of us don't know why we
believe what we believe.

This past weekend an article was published by Justin Taylor at The
Gospel Coalition
. I was shocked at what was written. The article sets out to ask if Rob Bell is a Universalist. A Universalist believes that eventually,
everyone will be saved. As the article continues Taylor pronounces Rob
Bell a Universalists. Several Christians, some prominent like John
, have began the digital stoning over this very dangerous belief. Equally disturbing is supporters of Rob Bell rushing to his defense.

While it seems like this should be an open and shut case. Bible says
"A" and Teacher says "B" so Teacher must be a Heretic. The problem is,
the book isn't out yet. We don't know what Rob Bell is teaching or
saying. The digital stoning started because of a clip written by the
publicist combined with the video where Rob Bell expresses that our
views of Heaven and Hell are essential to understanding God.

For what it's worth, I don't believe for a second Ghandi is in hell.
Nor do I believe Hitler is in hell. Wait for the other shoe to drop
and put down your digital stones down. Satan himself is not in hell,
at least not yet. Hell is what happens during eternity after judgment
for those without Christ as Lord and Savior. Hell is a prison for
Satan, not his command post and it's certainly not his kingdom…at
least that is what the Bible teaches.

Would love to hear your thoughts and discussion below!

all about Christ,


  1. Two of my favorite classes in Bible College were on the Doctrine of Satan and the Doctrine of Hell. I was amazed at how many of my fellow students believed something akin to Dante's Inferno. Hell is a place of eternal punishment set aside for Satan, his angels, and the various billions that are not saved by grace. They go there after the judgement. Ugh stupid Christians, read your bible. Ask questions, don't get your theology from Adam Sandler movies, cartoons, or any other source than scripture. If you have questions ask God for wisdom.

  2. DJ, Did we take Doctrine of Hell together? Fun class!

  3. Awesome David, just awesome.

    I just had this sort of conversation with someone today.

  4. One of my favorite classes was Snyder's "Fate of the Unevangelized" which utilized Millard Erickson's "How Shall They Be Saved?" - excellent class, great book, and challenging ending: after examining 8 or so different views on Hell & the fate of those who don't know Jesus, which view did we subscribe to. This was our final project and it was a difficult one.

    My bottom line: I believe the Bible clearly teaches an exclusivist POV, but I pray that I'm wrong and that the Universalists are right.

    As for the Rob Bell controversy: it bugs me the reaction to a publicists blurb about a yet unpublished book, but then this is nothing new (from either side of the aisle).

  5. Thanks for the encouragement Paul!

  6. Rustypants - Well said. Hope you took some good class notes you wouldn't mind sharing sometime!

  7. If you can find a copy of Erickson's How Shall They Be Saved? you've pretty much got what the thrust of the class covered. They had to have special copies printed for my class (it's been out of print a good while, sadly) - Amazon has 2 used copies selling for $85.00 each and I like the book so much, I wouldn't even think about selling it. I'm sure I can dig up the notes, however...